The Chamber of Commerce runs the Business Mentoring Programme for the Cook Islands. This programme matches professional, experienced and independent Business Mentors with local business owners wanting assistance with their business planning, operations and strategy. 


The  Business Mentoring Programme is for any business owner who wants help to market or grow their business, implement a change in their business, or needs a dose of inspiration to help deal with a particular challenge. Mentors share their knowledge and experience, offer guidance, bring fresh perspectives and act as a sounding board for our clients. Applications are welcomed from Rarotonga and the Pa Enua.





For more details of the FREE Mentoring Programme , please contact the Chamber of Commerce office 

  • email: 
  • phone: 20925



Ground Floor, BTIB Building, Ruatonga, Rarotonga, Cook Islands    |    PO Box 242, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

T: +682 20925    |    E:    |



Step 1: Fill out the online *Business Mentor Application Form* by clicking on this link


Step 2: The Chamber of Commerce Administration Office will contact you via email to confirm your application, process and match you to a Mentor that suits your requirements. 


Step 3: You will be notified of your Mentors next visit and details. The terms of your relationship will depend on the goals and objectives you both agree on. 


Step 4: At the end of your Mentors visit, you are required to complete the Business Mentor Client Survey below. This marks the end of your participation in the Business Mentor Programme. 





To ensure the Cook Islands Business Mentoring Programme continues to help clients and their businesses we need your valuable feedback. 


Please give 6-10 minutes your time to fill out this online Business Mentor Client Survey to help us improve our service.


Click HERE! to begin the Business Mentor Client Survey.